Business or Corporate Planning

Every business or organisation should have a ‘Business Plan’ – often referred to as a ‘Corporate Plan. the problem is – where to start? Well actually it doesn’t matter where you start as the process is a fairly long one involving many iterations. For most board members, the financial plan and the balance sheet will be fundamental but it’s important to make the plan comprehensive covering: operations, finance, investment, HR and training, asset management, customer services, ICT and any other aspects which are major factors in the business.

The attached pdf contains an example of a draft corporate plan which was produced (but not implemented) for a south african water utility. It provides an insight into the kind of structure and the means of presentation which could be applied. Being only a draft and quite a few years old, it has no actual relevance today.

If you are short of ideas for your CP then you should find inspiration here.

Corporate Plan 15a gelded

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