An Asset Management System for Social Housing

Whilst many businesses and utilities have used asset management systems with a fair degree of conformity, the housing sector seems to particularly fragmented in its ideas. Whilst standards are laid down by governments, the methodologies by which they are implemented vary tremendously and there is little evidence of logical condition and performance grading. This paper seeks to suggest a methodology which is applied specifically to social housing stock, though it could be easily adapted to any group of buildings:

AMS for social housing

For more papers, presentations and procedures on asset management follow the link:

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2 Responses to An Asset Management System for Social Housing

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  2. Hi Felix, thanks for your thoughts and work. I’ve been in social housing for longer than I care to remember and agree with your views on fragmentation. For example we have 3 different performance standards operating in mainland UK alone without any real foundation for it outside of political ideology and parochialism.

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