Grading Systems

Whilst we may not always approve of them, we all use grading systems in our daily lives. But what do they actually mean? Can you get ‘third degree’ burns from sunbathing? To find out download the PDF:

Grading systems

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Using these pages and contact


If you’re not familiar with WordPress then the format can appear a little unfriendly but don’t let this put you off. Look at the ‘categories’ column down the right hand side of this page and select the subject matter you want. When you get the list of docs, click on the title to open that item. In order to save space on this front page, most of the documents have been stored as pdf files whilst some are in Powerpoint. Click on the file name and the document will open up.

If you get to end of the page and have not found the paper you are looking for, click on the ‘older posts’ button and go to the second/third page of items.

In my experience, WordPress is a safe site and I have never heard of anyone having a (virus etc.) problem from downloading a pdf or ppt.

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Have you ever thought about how many ‘coincidences’ have happened in your lifetime? This and many other short stories can be found in Hoggrills End which is available on Amazon. Here are my coincidences as a PDF:


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The Dance of Shiva

Many have sought the link between particle physics and the ancient writings of the Hindu Vedas. This is my version which includes an explanation for the mechanism of time:

The Dance of Shiva v5

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The Gospel According to Noah

Following unprecedented rainfall, much of Southern England has been flooded. Contrast the lack of preparedness of individuals in the Thames Valley with the phlegmatic attitude which pervades in Worcester. It’s all about expectation and planning. This paper seeks to help those who would prefer to do things better in the event of future flooding.

The Gospel According to Noah

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A Strategy for the Somerset Levels

The Somerset Levels are a unique area in South-West England which have been seriously flooded in 2012/13 and early 2014. A drainage strategy is urgently required to alleviate the situation and provide a permanent solution: A Strategy for the Somerset Levels

For a sample Emergency Plan see:

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An Asset Management System for Highways

This paper attempts to provide the framework, and some considerable detail, concerning an asset management system for highways. Based on the principles developed by the water industry in England and Wales it is aimed at utilities which are starting out in the development of AM; it is not intended that it should serve to replace the standard systems which already exist in a number of countries though it may serve as an aide memoire:

AMS for Highways

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